About our centre

Nowadays the Educational centre Leader is the biggest private centre for adults. We work in 27 cities of Belarus, use the moderm technologies and have experienced teachers. We are one of the centres that invites foreigners to study Russian to the safe and beautiful country, where people around speak Russian.

We collaborate with different companies and more than 500 copmanies trust us to teach their employers many courses and Russian as a foreign language for foreign partners, as well.

Our teachers – professionals and experts  with great experience, who are devoted to their jobs.

On the comletion of the course we give our students the documents that help them to find a better job or to make a promotion in their careers.

We give the opportunity to have practise, give reccomendations and offer vacancies in different companies.

We are always ready to help our foreign students who want to study Russaian language in our centre. We help to get the visa, to find a place for a living and organize your leisure activity in Belarus.

Lately, we have become the centre, that provides exams for foreign students, who want to identify their level of Russian language command, or to get the Russian or Belarussian citizenship,or officially work in Belarus and Russia.

Пресса о насПресса о нас

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More than 84 000 students choice our courses, over 1000 companies entrusted us the training of its employees.