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Русский как иностранный

Is it possible to learn Russian language? Every year thousands of people are starting to learn Russian. And almost all of them say that the study of the Russian language is one of the most exciting adventures in their lives.

Russian language is the main language of international communication in the central Eurasia and Eastern Europe, the countries of former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, etc.), one of the main working languages in UN. It is the most widespread Slavonic language; it takes the 5th place in the world among other widespread languages.

Learn Russian in the country, where everyone speaks Russian. Practice it 24 hours in shops and markets, in restaurants and cafes, in parks and cinemas. The educational centre Leader will involve you into the world of Russian language. Our centre is the biggest in Belarus and we have been working for more than 10 years. Every year we teach more than 10000 people, more than 500 companies trust us. We work in 26 cities; we always innovate our programmes and publish manuals.

Russian language courses in the educational centre «Leader» will help you to learn how to speak Russian. And the main thing – fast and convenient. Our main goal is to teach you to speak Russian. That is why we always choose the textbooks of the Russian language, which reflect a material in the most interesting and easy manner. We will teach you to understand what your Russian friends, teachers, partners are speaking about.  The whole complex of practical lessons is aimed at the development and improvement of speech skills. Our teachers will help you to find interesting movies, music, books in the Russian language. All these facts will really allow you to understand Russian language quickly and, of course, speak by yourself.

Educational center Leader became the official centre for the organization and certification of migrant workers testing in the Russian language as a foreign. Testing is carried out in the framework of the Russian state system of testing citizens of foreign countries in Russian language. We provide tests for foreign citizens who wish to determine their level of proficiency in Russian or obtain the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

We offer several courses on different levels of proficiency in Russian: from the A1 (elementary) to B1 (threshold). In order to determine your level of Russian language , you need to schedule an interview. During the interview, you will be able to be tested and talk with the teacher. According to your results we will offer  the most suitable group for you. The level is determined in accordance with the document “Common European framework of reference for languages: Learning, teaching, assessment”, developed by the specialists on the issues of language policy of the Council of Europe. We are also pleased to offer the course “Intensive English”.

You can register for the courses of Russian language for foreigners at any time convenient for you. Courses are held in comfortable classrooms in the city centre. If you have decided to learn Russian language and want to start learning immediately , we will find you a suitable group and you will be able to take classes tomorrow!

Who’s going to teach me Russian?

Teaching Russian to foreigners is carried out by highly qualified teachers with great experience. Their qualification is confirmed by numerous scientific publications, diplomas for achievements in the professional field and gratifying comments of their students who have been already taught to speak Russian. And the main thing is that Russian is our teacher’s native language.

Does my teacher speak English?

Our teachers speak English. But if you don’t know the English – don’t worry. Our methods are constructed in such a way that you will understand everything. It is proved that the most efficient approach is to learn a foreign language in a natural language environment. That’s why thousands of students come to Belarus to learn how to speak Russian .

What program do I need to learn Russian language?

Program of the course includes phonetic course, grammar drills, conversational course within communication on everyday issues. Training is conducted in communication, developing skills in Russian by solving different problems of everyday life (meetings, shopping, restaurant, excursion). After this course you will learn how to talk about topics that are really useful in life.  There are also individual courses aimed at the development of a specific vocabulary: business English, mathematics, and Economics.

How can I determine the level of knowledge of the Russian language?

To determine your level of Russian language you should pass specially designed electronic test. Answer all the questions in the test and understand your level!

To pass a test in Russian language for foreigners

What books will help me to learn Russian?

We select only the manuals and materials, which are developed in accordance with the latest developments in the field of teaching Russian language to foreigners. Textbooks are selected depending on the needs of the group. The main textbooks are: «Russian language: 5 elements» Т. Esmantova, the complexes of «Road to Russia» and «Let’s Go».

Lessons in our educational center give the opportunity not only to undergo a course of Russian language, but also to find new friends from other countries of the world.

   The educational centre Leader invites you to pass the distance course for foreigners . You are not to worry about  your place of living. You can study at home just having a computer with the access to the Internet!

After the course people will get  the document that is issued in accordance with part 9 of the article 99 (the Code of the Republic of Belarus on education) with the round seal of the institution of education and the certificate (in English) on completion of a course.

Образец Справки Образец Сертификата РБ

Join us right now: +375 (29) 188-30-00, +375 (33) 3-296-296 or write to us

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Number of people – 4-10

Study – morning, afternoon, evening

Course duration – from 1 week to a year

Join us right now: +375 (29) 188-30-00, +375 (33) 3-296-296 or write to us

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The advantages of studying in educational centre Leader:

Learning in Russian-speaking country.

Russian language is the official language in Belarus and the main language of communication. You will always hear Russian in shops and markets, in restaurants and cafes, in parks and cinemas. Practical environment will help you to use the received knowledge at once. Make friends easily and go out to gain practice.

The best price.

You can economize investing into you knowledge. Belarus is considered to be not an expensive country for living and tourism, and the biggest educational centre can offer you good prices. The price of study is from 3$ per hour. You can rent a one-room apartment in the centre of our capital for 500$. A good dinner costs $ 4-5.  A ticket in any means of transport is 25 cents.

The best teachers and methods.

We have a professional team of teachers, who have a great practice teaching students from different countries. Our teachers have many publications and use modern techniques and methods. They speak English and help you if you don’t understand something.

Help with casual problems and getting Visa.

Thanks to the cooperation with estate agencies, we can arrange your stay in Belarus. If you desire, we can help you to find a place for a living and get rid you of this process which can be accompanied by a long wait and inappropriate finds.

Organisation of events for students.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus and it’s famous for its nightclubs, beautiful girls and hospitable people. The educational centre Lider will plan your events where you can communicate with your group mates and native speakers informally. You won’t be bored. You can travel round the country when you are free from the lessons. We can offer the most exciting places for you.

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha, its forests have survived in their original form. The National Park is included in the UNESCO World heritage of humanity. NesvizhCastle is a monument of architecture of XVI-XVIII centuries. Mir castle is an outstanding work of Belarusian architecture. Zhirovichi monastery counts 500 years with its distinctive architecture and rich historical past.


Study in a safe country. Belarus is considered to be a safe country.  According to the world survey our country has the least level of terrorism. You can watch a low crime rate in the country. There is no kidnapping, there are no extremist groups. You can go out in the evening around the city centre not fearing for your safety.

We can help you to get the visa.

Step 1. To start studying you need to sign up, (sign up)  and pay registration fee (variants of payment). You can pay by visa, mastercard, other variants of payment are available too.

Step 2. Then you need to sent a scanned copy of your passport and its translation into Russian to our e-mail We can also offer the translation for 20$.

Step 3. Terms for making an invitation for the visa are 2-14 days.

Step 4. After receiving the invitation from us (5-25 days from the moment of payment), you must get the visa. Visa can be got from the Embassy or Consulate of the Republicof Belarus. Visa is taken from 2 to 14 days. The citizens of some countries (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,Venezuela, Serbia, etc) do not need a visa. Consult experts in your country or write to us.

Step 5. After getting the visa you buy tickets and make an application for a living. We cooperate with estate agencies that help you to find suitable accommodation, depending on the price and duration of presence.

Step 6. Arrive in Belarus. We cooperate with transport companies and can transfer you from the airport or railway station or you can travel by public transport or taxi. For transfer you need to make an application to

Step 7. Start studying.

Step 8. Then register at the police office. Our students can get registration up to 1 year

Help with everyday problems

Thanks to the cooperation with estate agencies, we can arrange your stay in  Belarus. If you desire, we can help you to find a place for a living and get rid you of this process which can be accompanied by a long wait and inappropriate finds.

We are glad to offer you the following types of accomodation:



Living in a family

More than 84 000 students choice our courses, over 1000 companies entrusted us the training of its employees.