Our advantages

Why courses in  «LEADER»?

Educational center «Leader» is one of the most authoritative centers of professional training in Belarus and we invite all interested people and foreigners, as well, to learn  at our courses.

Our EXPERIENCE. The educational center “Leader” has been worked for 15 years at the market of additional education. Today it is the largest center in Belarus. Annually more than 10 000 people are trained, over 1000 companies trust us. “Leader” carries out preparation according to 50 programs and courses, including Russian as a foreign language.

Our TEACHERS. Our slogan: “Better teachers – better courses”. Skilled experts are the heart of our company. We offer the best conditions in the market for teachers and therefore we can choose the best. Our teachers can speak English.

Our GEOGRAPHY. Perfectly organized system (including modern CRM and call center) allows to work effectively across all Belarus and abroad. “Leader” – the only company of additional education presented in 27 cities of Belarus. Since 2013 we have successfully competed in the Russian educational market too.

INNOVATIVE APPROACH. Since 2013 “Leader” has started offering  the distance learning on a number of programs: from foreign trade activities to sewing business. We also carried out distance course of Russian as a foreign language. The new platform allows to expand barriers and to save time of our clients. The programs consist of video lessons and lectures, tests for self-control and webinars.

EQUIPMENT AND CLASSES. We care of conditions and the equipment of classes. Sewing machines, massage tables, modern computers, cash registers, mirrors, tape recorders, screen projection units, etc.  We  have our classes both in the center, and in main areas of the cities.

QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM. All calls and letters are registered. The personal manager and the teacher will always answer questions and will help to solve difficulties. We are always ready to help our foreigners to get the visa, to find a place foe a living and make their study and stay in Belarus comfortable.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE. We always study, as well as our clients. The staff of the center becomes participants of the main world events and presentations of new technologies in education. We provide continuous training of team of “Leader” for work improvement with clients.

THE BEST PRICE.You can economize investing into you knowledge. Belarus is considered to be not an expensive country for living and tourism, and the biggest educational centre can offer you good prices.



More than 84 000 students choice our courses, over 1000 companies entrusted us the training of its employees.