Career planning

More than 500 companies send us their employees, thousands of pur clients has begun their own business and improved the career.

If you want to find a new job, learn the vacancies which are demanded on a labor market on the Internet. But before it study demands from the employers which are published on our website. It should be noted that graduates of foreign trade activities and customs registration courses, logistics, sellers, waiters, manicurists are in demand on a labor market . If you want to be connected with the international activity, you can choose the courses of foreign languages.

 The  educational centre «Leader» will help. After the comlement  of the courses in «Leader» you fill a special form and you are added to a database for potential employment. We will report to you about open vacancies.

More than 84 000 students choice our courses, over 1000 companies entrusted us the training of its employees.