The school of foreign languages

Educational center «Leader» is one of the most authoritative centers of professional training in Belarus and we invite all interested people to learn foreign languages at our courses.

Why is it neсessary to learn foreign languages?

Foreign languages are necessary for  many high-quality specialists. It is the basis of success, which helps to communicate and travel. It is the road to well-paid job and prestigious career.

The school of foreign languages includes the courses of:

Why should you choose Leader?

You can test your skills on the first lesson free!

  • Language School in Leader – the only school of foreign laguages that is widespread in many cities of Belarus and we offer the training of good quality.
  • We have experienced teachers, who can provide stationary and distance study. They help you to master the skills of fluent communication and get a good command of foreign language. Our teachers have had practise in native countries.
  • We offer online test and a face-to-face meeting to differentiate your level .
  • We offer individual and group activities, different levels of intesity, and an ability to create your own scheduleand an ability to start at any time.
  • Language School in Leader always controls the process of studying and develops individual programmes for language practice.

After rhe completion of the courses  graduates of language school Leader receive the document with the round seal of the institution of education (according to part 9 article 99 of the education Code of the Republic of Belarus) and the certificate in English of the completion of the relevant courses.

We can also offer the corporative training which is discussed with a company individually.

And the main thing why people choose our courses – we offer the most accessible prices on language courses.

You can find the information about the enrollment in the groups on the pages of your city!

The school of foreign languages in Leader – study without borders!

More than 84 000 students choice our courses, over 1000 companies entrusted us the training of its employees.