Handicraft school

The oldest professional educational centre in Belarus Leader offers you to study in our Handicraft school. There is a range of courses that help every woman to gain the basic skills of  cutting and sewing, knitting, beadweaving and embroidery. With the help of experienced teachers you can create your own garderobe and make clothes for your relatives and friends.

Today Handicraft school in Leader is:

Why should you choose Handicraft school in Leader?

Our sourses are suitable for people with basic knowledge and for experinced people, as well.

  • Handicraft school in Leader is the only school of handicraft, that is widespread in many cities of Belarus and we offer the training of good quality.
  • Handicraft school in Leader possesses good material and technical resourses, experienced teachers and modern technologies.
  • Handicraft school in Leader presupposes different levels of training and an ability to start at any time.
  • All specialities of Handicraft school in Leader have a great popularity and a big demand on labour market. We focus on practice most.
  • The educational centre Leader always controls the process of studying and develops individual programmes for the specialists in different work fields.
  • We offer individual and group activities, different levels of intensity, an ability to create your own schedule.
  • Handicraft school in Leader – this is a team in which you will quickly find friends and future colleagues, and expand the range of your personal contacts and gain useful business contacts.
  • At last, you can get a good qualification for the most accessible prices!

After the completion of the courses  graduates of IT-school Leader receive the document with the round seal of the institution of education (according to part 9 article 99 of the education Code of the Republic of Belarus) and a certificate in English of the completion of the relevant courses.

We can also offer the corporative training which is discussed with a company individually.

You can find the information about the enrollemet in the groups on the pages of your city!

More than 84 000 students choice our courses, over 1000 companies entrusted us the training of its employees.